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Raising awareness and adoption of 4R nutrient stewardship is a top priority for the fertilizer industry. The industry is working to educate fertilizer manufacturers and retailers, growers, and agricultural stakeholders about the 4Rs at agricultural trade shows, through company visits and other 4R speaking engagements. 
While the 4R messages from the fertilizer industry are being well received, we recognize that engaging agricultural producers and sharing 4R success stories from the field level will play a critical role in adoption of 4R nutrient stewardship practices.


5 years, 25 Advocates, 131,225 Acres

Since 2012, the 4R Advocate Program has recognized 25 ag producers and retailers, farming 131,225 acres in 15 states. These forward-thinking individuals serve as examples by championing sound nutrient stewardship.


Hear more about the 4Rs from Growers and Retailers

In 2012, The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) launched a 4R Advocate program to recognize agricultural retailers and agricultural producers that are leading the way when it comes to implementing 4R nutrient stewardship on the farm. Below are videos from award winning growers and their nominating retailers as they explian the 4Rs in their own words. We have also met with some of our 4R Advocates at their own operations to capture video showing how they implement the 4Rs on the Farm.



Watch one of our numerous advocate videos below. Click the upper left-hand icon to view full list.